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Friday at Seven by Nic Dee

Chapter 2

Michael squeezes my waist.  "Are you alright, Kareena?  You're not too cold, are you?"
     "No, I'm not cold Michael.  Thanks."  I don't tell him how excited I am.
     We pause by a narrow alleyway.  "You're very beautiful, Kareena."  I blush heavily.  My cheeks are hot with blood.  It's hard for me to believe what Michael just said, so I wear a slight look of disbelief.  "No, honestly," he affirms, lightly running his fingertip beneath my jawline.  "You're very beautiful.  A real, sensual woman.  You're intoxicating.  I'm the luckiest man alive tonight."  His voice sounds like a purr.
     I part my lips to speak but nothing happens.  All my words are choked.  His lips hover before mine and his eyes search mine.  My heart pounds as I'm tempted to kiss him.  But then the moment passes.
     "Come on.  We don't want to miss the fun, now do we?" he chuckles and nudges me.
     I'm so struck that he likes me.  A real man likes me, not a boy, and he thinks I'm beautiful!  Beautiful!
     We approach 'Charlie's'.  The name is written in blue cursive above the entrance to the nightclub.  A short, bald, pit-ball type dressed all in black, is the front door bouncer.  Warning hairs on the back of my neck standup.  I look to Michael for security.  "Don't be frightened Kareena," he whispers softly in my ear.  "Tom looks mean, but he's really quite sweet, once you get to know him."
     Tom opens the door for us and winks at me approvingly.  Inside, it is dim, but we can see the steep, narrow steps leading down to a cavern.  At the bottom we encounter a heavy door.  Michael pushes it open and we are instantly assaulted by a nuclear explosion of strobing lights, thumping bass vibes and heaving, gyrating bodies.  What a shock to the senses!
     Michael and I make our way around the crowded dance floor.  Lots of pretty girls, all with beaming smiles, whip their flesh around, in their latest skimpy outfits.  Their smiles soon turn to disdain as I walk by.  I think to myself "So I'm overdressed?"  But I dismiss their reaction in my mind by portraying: "Yeah, and who's got the handsome hunk then?"  I walk on in a confident strut.
     Overhead, powerful strobes flash bolts of lightening as the music intensifies.  All sense of an outside world vanishes.
     "This way!" Michael trumpets and points his arm towards the central bar.  The strobes double time with the bass beat, and a feeling of anarchy pervades.
     All this is left behind as Michael spirits me to his private nook.  It is a small cluster of bright, candy yellow, semi-circular, padded high-backed lounges with a matching table.  I sit down beside him and instantly wonder how many 'beautiful' girls have sat here before me.  Probably all of them eager and willing before this delicious man.
     "Is it vibrant enough for you, Kareena?" he smirks.
     I indicate 'yes'.  Then I discover Michael's intense blue eyes staring quizzically right through me.  Electricity zaps between us, just as the music abruptly triples its beat.  I wonder what Michael is thinking.  And what he wants from me.  And, whether I will give it to him.
     Few men have managed to excite me this much and especially by doing so little!  But never, have I ever thought, that I might be in love!  I question to myself, "Is this real?"
     So wrapped in my mind, I don't notice my eyelids droop shut, or, my hands are clasped upon my chest!
     "Kareena!  Kareena, are you alright?"  Michael shouts in concern.
     Startled, I fling open my eyes.  "It's nothing.  Really.  I'm absolutely fine."
     He frowns in disbelief.
     "I was just thinking," I explain and note the relief on his face.  I am almost amused.  My next thought is to get sozzled and dance our legs off.
     Our first drink is a Gin and tonic, and we don't waste time downing it.  We hit the dance floor.  The beat is frantic, energising, and thoroughly fulfilling!  I feel so wonderful, so light on my toes that I could do anything.
     As we dance our bodies repeatedly fling into complete strangers, yet we hardly make contact.
     Several tracks later we retire to Michael's table, hot, sweaty, and breathless.  Michael orders Vodka shots and challenges me to a dual.  In quick succession we down three or four shots each, flirting and laughing more heartily after each one.
     We find ourselves on the dance floor again.  This time our bodies entwine and pulsate with the intimacy of the music.  Michael's mix of hot body sweat with his cologne, drives me crazy with desire.
     Michael steers me back to our lounge.  But I sense a different atmosphere this time.  He smooches up to me, and his hot breath spills over my right shoulder.  Then our eyes meet.  I blink my eyelids and quickly look away, to try to gain my control.  I feel myself shudder deep inside.
     His moist, tender lips gently caress my neck.  Oh, it feels so fabulous.  Then his hot, moist hand firmly caresses my thigh.  My heart is about to explode.
     I am torn.  I don't want to be discarded in the morning, yet, I want to let go, and lose myself entirely with him.  I want to satisfy my passionate ache.  To make wild, wonderful love to the man of my dreams, all night long.  I want to live life.  Live it to the fullest.  To hold nothing back.  To let go of my nagging doubts, and to cheapen myself through meaningless sex.
     What am I to do?  How far is Michael willing to go?  Is it just possible he actually might have genuine feelings for me?  God knows I've done 'that mistake' many times before.  I want a man that loves me, the real me.  Not for what I look like.  Not for how good I am in bed.
     A squeeze on my thigh brings me back from pondering.  He sends a rush of adrenaline through my body.  I suck my breath in sharply, and look at Michael to see any answers.
     "Trust me, Kareena," he says in a dry, husky voice.  "No one cares what we get up to in here."  His frankness puts me at ease, yet I still tense in anticipation.  "Really?"
     "Yes, really."  He pauses and looks devine.  "You have my word, beautiful."  His puppy dog eyes twinkle with boyish mischief.  For the second time tonight, I feel my heart melt.  I hardly notice his hand slide up my thigh.  And a moment later, our lips embrace.  We kiss passionately, deeply and erotically.  When our lips finally part, I sense the loss, yet have an ache deep down inside of me.  I've never experienced anything like this before!  It frightens me a little.
     I look at Michael and see only happiness.  Gently, Michael lays me down and I feel the weight of his manly chest upon me as I sink deep into the soft, embracing grasp of the leather lounge.  The thought of another 'soul stirring kiss' thrills me and I close my eyes, hungry with desire.  Instead of a kiss, the tip of his moist tongue tenderly strokes the underside of my chin.  I open my eyes and begin to speak, but Michael presses my lips shut with a firm finger, while mouthing something like, "Ssh" through the booming music.
     I am so aching for him.  What is he doing to me?  His hand moves further up my thigh with purpose.  A real man's hand.  Mentally I gasp, wavering between heavenly anticipation and trepidation.  His hand slides higher up my thigh beneath my short dress and touches me between my legs.  Then, without hesitation, he slips his hand inside my panties and fingers me.  Oh God!  I know I am wet.  I can't think straight!
     I want him, desperately, more than anything else in the entire world.  But, I'm petrified of losing control here.  Then I realise my dress is up near my hips and my panties are near my ankles.  Woo!  And he's exciting me further.  I'm so torn.  I want him to stop, yet I am moaning for him and holding him tightly.  He is too much!  How did he do this to me?
     Michael's hot breath is on my neck.  Now on my lips.  We kiss deeply, more passionately than before.  But even as our lips remain locked and our lungs drain of breath, I feel his touch within me.  A solitary tear runs down my cheek, one that I can't hold in any longer.
     The music is now strangely low.  I hear the metallic sound of a parting zipper.  I barely have time to focus on Michael's engorged penis, as he takes down his pants and lowers himself into position between my thighs.
     "No, Michael!  No!  Stop it!"  I fling him off with all my might, jumping to my feet, both confused and upset.  "I'm sorry, Michael.  I really do like you and all.  But I'm...just not ready.  Please, I'm sorry."
     "Oh come on, beautiful," he smiles at me disarmingly, pulling me close to him.
     "I said 'No!', Michael!" I yell just as the boom in the music returns with sudden vengeance.  I wonder what he's done with all the other girls he's had in public.  Well, he doesn't seem to have any respect for me!
     He continues to seduce me further, as he did before.  I shudder, gasp for air and feel my knees weaken.  For a second or two I nearly succumb.  "Please Michael, no!  I mean it!  No!"  With the last of my strength, I push him away, and pull up my panties and straighten my dress.
     I watch the deep disappointment sweep over him.
     "I'm so sorry, Kareena.  I didn't mean to overstep the line, or force you into anything you didn't want."  He dips his gaze and zips up his pants.
     Feeling concerned, I throw him a little, playful frown, hoping he'll respond.  But, he turns away, hurt and dejected.
     "I'm sorry, Michael.  I just wasn't ready.  You do understand, don't you?"
     He faces me flushed with embarrassment and hurt.  "I understand, Kareena.  Do you want me to take you home now?"
     My heart almost breaks in two.  There is such a finality in his voice.  I have hurt him.  Now, I fear I have dashed any chance we might have had.  I don't want to lose him and think on my feet.
     "Can you give me a couple of minutes to go and freshen up?"
     "Sure, Kareena.  Take all the time you want.  I'll wait here for you."  His demeanour brightens a bit, but only a bit.
     "I'm still thirsty.  Aren't you?"  I quip.  He looks at me sheepishly but says nothing.  This is it, I think to myself.  I'm going to lose him.  Then I ask in desperation, "Well, how about another drink?"
     He shrugs half-heartedly.  "Sure, why not.  I'd like that, Kareena."
     I turn to leave and exhale deeply, not knowing if I can salvage this situation.

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