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Welcome to Nic Dee's romance website.  Here you will find information and links to his book, the latest news, and background of the author.

Oct 2022
Release of updated, streamlined website with all relevant book information on a single page.  View the book blurb, peruse a table of important book details, and read the first two chapters (sample read) right from Nic's own website.

July 2022
Friday at Seven now available on Smashwords and other online book retailers.

Romance Books

Friday-at-Seven (JPG image)Friday at Seven


Nic Dee is an organic romance writer. When he's not busy immersing himself in the writing process, he's enjoying the company of his loyal and energetic Chihuahua, Pippa.

If you liked his book, Nic would love to hear about it!


I have always been interested in the human condition, as far back as I can remember.  It is truly fascinating to witness a set of circumstances that can hold one person back from living their life, and yet set another free to flourish.

That's why I love to write my characters up close and personal, and in the present tense, first person point of view.  It makes the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Getting to know them and their world, and their desires and fears never grows old.  A good story is always based on good characters, because people are the story.

Writing is such a pleasure and a comfort.  Like a nice slice of chocolate cake, or a warm beam of sunshine.  I find my life is constantly enriched by the entire writing process.


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